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Does the PSV-D Smart Vent Connect to the Nitrogen Generator?

No, the vent is installed in the riser room.

No, the PSV-D SMART Vent is an electronically automated way to exhaust oxygen gas from a dry or preaction system.

The use of an electronic vent allows the removal of human intervention during the Dry Pipe Nitrogen Inerting (DPNI) process. Due to the patented ECS “Fill and Purge” breathing method for completely removing oxygen from a dry or preaction system, all ECS DPNI vents are installed on the riser above the valve.

ECS vents are the only vents that are installed in the riser room. All other manufacturers require the vent to be installed at the end of the pipe system which requires coordination of power to multiple locations, or installation of hundreds of feet of gas sampling tubing.

Connections for the PSV-D SMART Vent are:

  • 120V single phase power to the control box
  • Three (3) wire connection to the solenoid located on the vent