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Can I Install the Automatic Air Vent Off the Side of the Sprinkler System Piping?

No, install the automatic air vent at a remote high point on the pipe network.

No, when installing an automatic air vent on a wet fire sprinkler system it is important to locate the vent at a remote high point on the pipe network. As the system is filled with water the trapped air is compressed to high points on the system. In order to receive maximum corrosion control benefit from the installed vent, it is advisable to locate in on an area of the system that will see water last during the filling process.

Because automatic air vents employ the use of float valves, it is necessary for water to be able to drain back out of the vent when the system is drained so that the float can reset and eject air as the system is filled again. Because of the need for the vent to be cleared of water when the system is drained, there cannot be any water traps between the automatic float of the vent and the system connection point.