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What Methods Can be Used to Control Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems?

There are five approaches to controlling corrosion in any industrial application.

There are generally five approaches to controlling corrosion in any industrial application:

  • Corrosion-resistant metallurgy
  • Use of plastics
  • Chemical corrosion control
  • Internal coatings on the metal piping
  • Removal of the corrosive gas – ECS recommended  

In the fire sprinkler industry:

  • Metallurgy is generally cost-prohibitive (copper, stainless steel)
  • The use of plastic pipe is restricted by the code (light hazard, residential occupancies)
  • NFPA 13 Installation Guide restricts the use of chemicals to those that can demonstrate compatibility with all fire sprinkler system components
  • There is a significant risk of internal coating delamination and the resultant sprinkler plugging in fire sprinkler systems
  • Removal of oxygen is the most cost-effective option in the fire sprinkler industry

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